Ministerial Runaround on M80 Upgrade and Merri Creek Path extension link

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Ministerial Runaround on M80 Upgrade and Merri Creek Path extension link

Postby Takver » Sat 23 May 2020, 10:59 am

t feels like I'm banging my head against the wall on the M80Upgrade project and getting a 300 metre shared use link path extension of the Merri Creek Trail as part of this project.

When I got the double runaround from both the Minister for Roads and Minister for Transport Infrastructure, it was like a scene from Yes, Minister....or Utopia. I didn't know whether I should laugh hysterically, cry in frustration, or just scream at the top of my lungs in frustration. I've perhaps done all three.

The Minister for Roads and Minister for Transport Infrastructure are giving me the runaround. My State MP Frank McGuire has refused to respond to my query (in February)

The M80 Ring Road is being upgraded by Victorian Major Road Projects with the section between Edgars Road offramp and Sydney Road offramp about to be undertaken.

This is an opportunity to extend the Merri Creek shared use path that currently terminates on the north side of the M80 Road bridge across Merri Creek.

Hume Council proposed in March 2018 to write to the Department of Transport/VicRoads for the project to include a link path on the road easment from the Merri Creek Path westwards to meet the Council controlled road that extends down from Mahoneys Road. This link path would be about 300 metres.

This path would provide a link to Campbellfield Plaza, and also provide an opportunity for a further Council path northwards to meet the Merri Creek Parklands trail at Bolinda Road Reserve.

But recent email enquiries addressed to the Minister for Roads and the Minister for Transport Infrastructure have resulted in a ministerial runaround with both ministerial offices referring to the other ministerial office to resolve or deal with the issue.

Major Road Projects Victoria have nothing currently on the design plans to do the link path.

Bicycle Network also failing to do any advocacy on Merri Creek link path extension as part of this project, according to a May 7 news article.

Read the full story here: ... eek-trail/

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Re: Ministerial Runaround on M80 Upgrade and Merri Creek Path extension link

Postby jvb » Sun 24 May 2020, 12:58 pm

Hang on, we have a Minister for Roads and a Minister for Transport Infrastructure?
So roads are not transport infrastructure or transport infrastructure is a all transport excluding roads?
And bicycle paths are not roads or are they roads for bicycles?
If you are not getting a response from either nor from your local member, I suggest writing to the Ombudsman. You can do it online.

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