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Walmer Street Bridge Renewal Rally

Posted: Thu 02 Aug 2018, 10:34 pm
by fixie
Rally, Saturday Aug 4 10:00AM.

Walmer St Bridge renewal rally Williams Reserve, opposite 520 Victoria Street Richmond

Replace the bridge now. Too old, too narrow, too steep. Not fit for purpose.

Show your support Saturday 4 Aug 10am

Not sure who the organiser is but Charlie Farren knows a lot about it.

Re: Walmer Street Bridge Renewal Rally

Posted: Fri 24 Jul 2020, 9:03 pm
by Claude Cat
That construction site that they promised us would preserve and enhance our cycling experience!
Well, lets just say they changed their minds. You'll need to dismount to get through here if this gets approval ... 2riYek_wYs

Get your objections in now!
They need to be in by the 27th of July.

Do it here, it takes all of 2 minutes. ... p150004302