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Re: Another fatality - Near Bendigo

Posted: Thu 21 Nov 2019, 4:22 pm
by Claude Cat
The justice department doesn't even try.

"Bendigo woman Billie Rodda was today sentenced to a three-year corrections order and 200 hours of unpaid community work for the charge of dangerous driving causing death after she killed professional cyclist Jason Lowndes at Mandurang in December 2017. "

Re: Another fatality - Near Bendigo

Posted: Sun 24 Nov 2019, 10:05 pm
by fixie
I thought that under the most recent revision to the rules for mobile phones in car that they had to be fixed in position. That generally makes it quite difficult to text. I wonder did she have a fixed phone holder? She was not charged with a breach of this law, but I remain surprised. if not why not. Of course she could have a voice to text implementation but it it is still a distraction.

Good letter in The Age today calling for a total prohibition on mobile phone use except in emergency to be proven after the event by police checking the electronic and other evidence.

it is sad that the defending barrister resorted to low claims such as cycling 1.5 metres out from the edge, normally the safest place to ride and that the victim was wearing dark clothing, ie blaming the victim.

We all have an equal right to be treated with care by our fellow citizens and they have a responsibility to take care of us when we are on the road.

i am sceptical that the judge and the prosecutor may have not appreciated this point as much as they might have.