Tucker Trays

The West Australian Great WA Bike Ride is going West in 2011!
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Jennifer M
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Tucker Trays

Postby Jennifer M » Fri 24 Sep 2010, 11:57 pm

I participated in the 2006 GWABR, and took with me one of the Tucker Trays that were marketed through Bicycle Victoria (or at least I found out about them here...hey, it was a while ago). It is a fabulous plate and bowl arrangement that folds out to a firm tray and was perfect for eating breakfast and dinner perched on ones knees, and packing a sandwich in for a snack on the ride. I have now convinced my family to join me on the ride in 2011, so need 2 more. Can anyone tell me where I can find them? Thanks

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Re: Tucker Trays

Postby mags » Fri 08 Oct 2010, 10:59 pm

Hi Jennifer,
I seem to recall a post from a past ride that said the trays are not for sale any more. I think the suggestion was to rifle around op shops or mother-in-law cupboards to find one or two trays. My guilty secret is that I take 8 plates and 8 bowls and throw them out after each meal. I know it's not sustainable but from a hygiene point of view I feel better.

Cycle Chic
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Re: Tucker Trays

Postby Cycle Chic » Sat 09 Oct 2010, 7:03 pm

Hi, we have tucker trays but do what Mag does and perch some paper plates on the top of them as I hate the washing facility with a passion. I also take lots of wet wipes to give the trays a clean over for when there are spills off the paper plates. Also take plastic knifes and forks as nothing worse trying to wash greasy food off with coldish water.

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Re: Tucker Trays

Postby jigger » Sun 10 Oct 2010, 4:04 pm

It seems the tucker tray is available ....try here
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