Buying a bike for commuting with a child

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Buying a bike for commuting with a child

Postby Starting out » Wed 19 Mar 2014, 8:12 pm


I am in the market for a bike to use to ride to the shops and on the weekends on bike tracks etc with a child seat. I have a two year old and would love to know people's thoughts and experiences as to what the best kind of bikes to buy for this purpose would be? There is lots of info about the actual child accessories, but not a lot of info (that I can find) about good women's bikes that would serve this purpose well. I would like to be able to be comfortable, but also to have the option of doing more challenging rides occasionally.


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Re: Buying a bike for commuting with a child

Postby accordion » Wed 19 Mar 2014, 9:15 pm

I'd give the guys at Urban bicycles a go. They are nice guys and have good solid bikes. Plus they have child seats that are good ones. They will set up a bike and let you rent it for a day/week.

Good luck!

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