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GVBR 2017

Posted: Sat 25 Nov 2017, 3:51 pm
by jvb
Anyone on here going?

Re: GVBR 2017

Posted: Mon 27 Nov 2017, 10:48 am
by JAC
Atom Ant is part of the vollie team.

Re: GVBR 2017

Posted: Sun 03 Dec 2017, 10:16 am
by jvb
Arrived home yesterday from Maffra.
Last 2 days of the ride have been cancelled due to the weather forecast.
To my knowledge this has never happened before.

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Posted: Mon 04 Dec 2017, 10:16 am
by TrikeTragic
Great Vic Bike (or Trike..) ride 5 day version done - Wilsons Prom to Bairnsdale about 335 km or so.

Seemed to be quite a few trikes this year - a couple of Catrikes, several Greenspeeds, and a special with a seated / recumbent disabled rider pedaling in front and an upright rider behind. Saw this one last year as well. At least two recumbent bikes.

Terrific 60 km Sunday "hello" ride out of "The Prom" after some serious thunderstorms the night before, decent climb out of Tidal River to Yanakie in humid conditions, then a lovely undulating ride to Foster. Some compensating downhills so the trike saw 65 kph a couple of times, oh the feeling! Foster turned it on for the riders, closed off the main street all day and had many service club stalls etc open selling everything from fresh fruit to BBQ prawns.

Next day (Monday) 70 km via Toora to Yarram. Beautiful clear day, wonderful green Gippsland countryside. Decent climb after Toora to Woorara, followed by a wooo hoo winding descent and then undulating riding from Welshpool to Yarram.

Tuesday's ride 90 km from Yarram to Seaside 90 km. A warmer day with a steady, occasionally challenging climb from Yarram up to Wron Wron, a goodly descent again and then undulating riding to Seaspray on the 90 Mile Beach. Puncture fairies struck after the descent into the Woodside township, both front tyres deflating .....Maybe something nasty from the refreshment break at the top of the climb? This time the longer ride stretched a few riders, on-shore breeze as we approached Seaspray made for harder work than some might have preferred! Seaspray is a township with a pub, a surf club and general store (not much else). I can say a beer tasted pretty damned fine on the deck of the surf club with a great view of the surf beach.

Wednesday, last day of riding for me, 111 km from Seaspray to Bairnsdale via Sale and Bengwoorden. Not the easiest day's riding by a long shot - hot (34 degrees at 2-ish), niggly wind and hardly a decent downhill to give any respite. One of those riding days when I chased the shade, had to take an extra break or two to give the body some recovery time and the end couldn't come soon enough! A dip in the river at the campsite felt suitably restorative, a process largely completed by several schooners and a parma (classic $15 parma & schooner special, how can you argue with that? ) at the Imperial Pub over the bridge.

Packed up and out of there Thursday (the rest day for the 9 day riders) and before the weather threatened to make it the Great Victoria Swim Classic event! Thanks GVBR number 5!


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Posted: Mon 04 Dec 2017, 1:40 pm
by bc
I was on the 9 day ride, but only did 5. Heard weather reports and started asking questions about the next few days when in Bairnsdale. Focus was on getting to Maffra (which I thought was do-able), with no consideration post Maffra. But the Maffra Rec Reserve (camp site) is next to the Maffra wetlands. Thought getting to Maffra was probably OK, but next two days would be in the rain - even if it wasn't as heavy as forecast - and the long term car park would probably be a quagmire after the first few cars left. BN couldn't (or wouldn't) address anything past Maffra, so as my wife came to Bairnsdale for the rest day, we bailed then and picked up the car in the dry. Turned out to be a good call. Only about a third of the starting numbers ended up in Maffra.

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Posted: Mon 04 Dec 2017, 6:15 pm
by Atom Ant
I went to Tidal River on Thursday so we'd be ready for the volunteers to arrive on the Friday. We had the site almost to ourselves so, after we had finished our set up, we could enjoy an almost empty beach 8-)

Friday and Saturday weren't too hectic until the weather broke on Saturday evening; then it was pretty busy trying to pack all our equipment away before it got too soaked. I eventually made it to dinner 42 minutes after it officially closed, but after confessing my sin and promising not to be late again I was fed. :oops:

Sunday was an early start for me. Because the road through the Prom was closed to non-bikes while riders were on the road, our vehicles had to be out before 0600 which meant we arrived before any of the cafés in Foster had opened. Fortunately a couple of cafés opened early so we could caffeinate and be fit for work. :shock:

The next few days ran smoothly for us. The Seaspray SLSC balcony was very pleasant with a cold one in hand. :D

When the last two days were cancelled, two thirds of the riders had already preempted the decision. I think I may be the jinx as this was the second Great Ride I've been on that's been cut short (the other was a GTBR that was hit by a storm on the last night). On Saturday night the remaining riders (mostly riders who needed transport to regional Victoria) were comfortably outnumbered by the remaining volunteers. Despite the situation, we HAF survivors seemed to enjoy the last night party. My team was down to three, the minimum we needed to pack the last of our equipment and to drive our vehicles back to Sunshine.

This was my first Ride as a volunteer, after having ridden a few GTBRs and GVBRs. The experience was different (obviously) but still enjoyable. Because I was working with a smaller group, I saw them more often than you'd normally manage to as a rider. It was also satisfying working in a team again (I retired last year so I haven't done that so much since). 8-)

Next year starts in Bright and wanders around the North East. After I manage to get everything dry I might put the 2018 ride on my list. :shock:

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Posted: Mon 04 Dec 2017, 8:15 pm
by Frosty
Thanks for your reports.
It brings back memories of my 7 GVBR (1999-2007). excluding 2003 & 2006.
Maffra must be a jinx town, my last GVBR I didn't complete and while at Maffra, pulled the pin and caught a train back to Dandenong and then rode home to Mordy.

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Posted: Tue 05 Dec 2017, 11:03 am
by jvb
Catering tent in Maffra.
Like the sign, very Great Vic :D


I think that if Victoria Police had not pulled out of the ride, we could have continued. After all, we've done this before.

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Posted: Tue 05 Dec 2017, 1:40 pm
by Frosty
it appears to be "a tad damp under foot" :lol: :lol:

Is that you (jvb) just entering the Bar. :)

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Posted: Tue 12 Dec 2017, 8:22 am
by Atom Ant
Frosty wrote:it appears to be "a tad damp under foot" :lol: :lol:

Is that you (jvb) just entering the Bar. :)

That's before it got properly wet - you can still see the grass. Later the water was a bit deeper, and then on Sunday if was ankle deep wet mud.

I didn't hear any reports about Trafalgar (my team was never due to go there) but I did hear that the crew erecting the other catering tent at Glengarry were surprised to be doing so given the water level there - it was reported to be already up to the height of the road.

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Posted: Tue 12 Dec 2017, 12:54 pm
by jvb
They probably made the right call then. Riding in the rain is one thing, not being able to get and stay dry is another.
From memory a camp site was re-located in 2010 due to flooding as well. But we managed to stay dry most of the time on that ride.