Sharing a ride from Adelaide - Mt Gambier?

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Sharing a ride from Adelaide - Mt Gambier?

Postby damian_ » Mon 12 Aug 2013, 1:18 am

G'day all!

Hope you're all looking forwards to the 2013 Great Vic!

Is anybody interested in sharing a ride from Adelaide to Mt Gambier?

I'm planning to fly in from Perth, and haven't yet figured out how to get from Adelaide airport to the start line. If you're planning to drive down, I'd love to share a ride - happy to pay for petrol and expenses.



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Re: Sharing a ride from Adelaide - Mt Gambier?

Postby steve_c » Sat 14 Sep 2013, 2:04 am

Hi, I'm flying in from Canberra visiting family in Adelaide on the way through. I don't have private transport and family won't be able to give me a lift to Mt Gambier.

At the moment I'm planning to travel via bus. There is an Adelaide > Mt Gambier service operated by Premier Stateliner. The trip is $75.00 plus extra to carry the bike. There is a service that departs Adelaide at 08:15 arriving 15:10. I'm planning to make the trip on 20 November so I can spend a day or two in town prior to starting the Great Vic.

Here is the Adelaide > Mt Gambier run time table.

Hope this is useful, but if anyone could provide a lift, then count me in as well. :mrgreen:

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