2012 - The Summation

General talk, queries & comments about the Great Victorian Bike Ride.
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2012 - The Summation

Postby CatCanRide » Mon 03 Dec 2012, 7:42 am

So the GVBR is over for another year.
As a first time rider in this event - I found it to be a great ride but 2 days too long for me. :D

I must say that I was in awe of the level of organisation that surrounded the event and that all the volunteers did an absolutely amazing job in getting us all fed, the camp set up, keeping us rolling and safe and not lost on the route.

Only a couple of grumbles from myself in the closeness of the riders on route - being close passed by a peleton is off putting for a person who normally rides alone and often people rode so close that there was little room left for manouvering around things like pot holes.

The gravel sections of the route were rougher and more challenging than the gravel shared paths that I have ridden and were more of a challenge than had been discribed. I managed them all right with just one heart in the mouth moment.

With the 2013 route being the Great Ocean Road and being capped at 6000 riders I think I'll give that one a miss - 4,000 odd riders was more than enough for me.

How did you enjoy the ride?

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Re: 2012 - The Summation

Postby SatyricTim » Mon 03 Dec 2012, 12:28 pm

Thanks for the review, Cat. I think you summed it up well.

I do love the Great Ocean Road, but I feel the same about the crowds. I'll be aiming at smaller group rides and solo touring into the future. I'm not going to grumble though. Out of the thousands of riders, the majority were excellent. There were a few simple accidents, and a few people who were foolish, unprepared, or inexperienced. But you get that everywhere.
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Re: 2012 - The Summation

Postby speedhump » Mon 03 Dec 2012, 2:38 pm

I thought the Rides were quite challenging this year, we seemed to have everything as far as the weather was concerned, from cold and rain one day to high thirties the next, its too bad the Tarra Bulga day was not a good day as I am sure the views would have been fantastic. I also believe on that day we should have all went the long route instead of the short missing the gravel/mud section and shuttling those that couldn't do the distance. I tend to believe that it was more a resource issue rather than a road in poor condition issue, anyway couldn't have been any worse than what we rode.

However I really enjoyed the ride and enjoyed the challenge, I was impressed with most of the school kids who were polite and courteous and shouted their intentions on the road which is more I can say for the older riders who would block the road and not move to the left when overtaking. I was as always impressed with the exceptional work the vollies do especially being out in those weather conditions all day.

My few gripes are the large queues, over the years whilst the queues have been long they have been able to get them through very quickly, they seemed to be more efficient in the past, this year it went back to the bad old days. With the new showers the queues were longer and slower. If you wanted to have a shave, you could only do it in the shower and take up valuable time, next time they should have a shaving bar outside somewhere if they intend using the same showers again. The new young management at BNV will have to do a bit of research to improve these issues when 6000+ are expected next year and not trying to impress by saving bucks at every turn. Listen to the wise counsel of the long term hard core vollies!!

I also think more work needs to go into the finish site as it was chaos on Sunday. No one knew where their bags were or where there buses were going to be unless you were Melbourne. Can anyone explain why we don't finish in Melbourne anymore?

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Re: 2012 - The Summation

Postby fredinver » Wed 05 Dec 2012, 9:34 pm

5th ride for me and the wife. Home turf so we skipped the last day and left from San Remo.
Pleeeeaaaase get rid of the chicken snitzel roll.
More shower cubicals required.
Most towns put ona great turn for the riders, well done to Traralgon, much better than i thought it would be. Spent 2 night B&B so was great.
Thought there was too much highway riding from Wonthaggi to San Remo. Not sure why the focus on Phillip Island with one road in and out makes the pick up and traffic an issue. Thought the finish could have been Lang Lang, Drouin or similar with multiple roads in and out.
The rides were good distances and great challeneges, the weather out of BNV control so cant blame them and the extra water stop on the hot day was great.
Im all pretty good ride and the organisation and vollys great as usual.

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