2015 Lunch in Warby Saturday 4th April 2015

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Re: 2015 Lunch in Warby Saturday 4th April 2015

Postby GreenAlias » Sun 05 Apr 2015, 12:34 pm

I just did a review of how many came. We had 21 adults and two bubs for a total of 23 - or 24 if we count Dale's slippery friend. However, the largest number we were able to keep in reasonable proximity on any one section was 15. Four of us managed to stick together on the last leg from Seville back to Lilydale until I peeled off to head for the Lake.

Another photo from the same spot near the pub at Launching Place but we got photobombed by a couple of walkers :lol:


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Re: 2015 Lunch in Warby Saturday 4th April 2015

Postby j9 » Sat 12 Sep 2015, 2:46 pm

Next Saturday
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Saturday September 19.
Ride the Lilydale to Waburton rail trail. An easy ride through amazing country. Then a short walk to La La falls.
Why free you may ask?.
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Bike hire, helmets, lunch provided if need be.
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