Ride On magazine is ceasing publication

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Ride On magazine is ceasing publication

Postby GreenAlias » Fri 26 May 2017, 9:15 am

Yesterday BV/BN announced the end of Ride On see here

There is also further discussion about this here

I would be most interested to hear what you think about this.

They said (amongst other things) .............

After 13 years, Bicycle Network is retiring its long-standing member publication Ride On magazine.

The next issue of Ride On magazine, due to hit mailboxes and newsstands in late June, will be the last.

Bicycle Network prides itself on delivering the latest news, features, and reviews that you love to read. But to keep up with a dynamic and fast-paced digital world, we must adapt and evolve our approach.

It’s become strikingly clear in the past year that more and more of our content is being consumed online. News updates, advocacy and articles about fighting for riders' rights are out performing our regular features.

Relevance, engagement, pace and ease are being valued above timelessness and traditional – and our surveys, member feedback and statistics reflect that.

As Australia’s biggest bike riding organisation, our members are demanding even more campaigns and leadership to champion real change for people who ride bikes.

With millions riding their bikes each week and many more about to start, the timing is right to shift our focus, align our communications and strengthen our ability to set the agenda, rather than being driven by print deadlines.

Online media provides us with the perfect low-cost and sustainable channel to make a big impact. So in the coming months you'll see some changes - we're revamping our website so that it's easier to use, and we'll produce more daily content, while increasing our presence across social media.

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Re: Ride On magazine is ceasing publication

Postby baudman » Fri 26 May 2017, 10:02 am

As it is with almost everything with me, I can easily see both sides.

RideOn does provide a focus, and I'd suggest there's certainly articles/reviews which are created for it, and its timeline, that may not be for an online presence. (i.e. - just the oncoming deadline and extra space means things get created). It's also had a team of individuals (inc. I believe, their now longest-standing employee) who, as well as having other writing/publishing roles within BN, have had RideOn as a major part of their focus.

But... is print media going the way of the dinosaur? It appears so. To that end, what remains to be seen is what their new online presence will be like. RideOn did sit 'semi-autonomously' with respect to content. It didn't stray too far from the BN line... but there were certainly articles in it which I think if were under the formal BN moniker, wouldn't have seen the light of day. If they are shelving 'RideOn' as a brand (which sorta makes sense, as part of fringe benefits of publishing online in the first place would be marketing BN) then I think the reins will be tightened a little further.

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Re: Ride On magazine is ceasing publication

Postby Snuffy » Fri 26 May 2017, 10:26 am

I'm not going to miss it for its written content, but.....

what am I going to use to stuff my wet cycling shoes with?

(I'm only being slight facetious - RideOn and RoyalAuto are the two publications I turn to when stuffing my wet shoes or drying degreased bike parts)
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Re: Ride On magazine is ceasing publication

Postby Marx » Fri 26 May 2017, 12:15 pm

Snuffy wrote:....
(I'm only being slight facetious - RideOn and RoyalAuto are the two publications I turn to when stuffing my wet shoes or drying degreased bike parts)

I find old fashioned newspapers far more absorbent than comparatively glossy publications like Royalauto and Girlfriend magazine.
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