Why are the Forums slowing down?

Discussion not related to cycling.

What do believe is the reason why the Forums are slowing down?

Other websites cater for our needs in a better way
Too many arguments - not cheerful enough
More people using handheld devices that are difficult to type on
The change from BV to BN - BV not listening to its members
Short attention spans - inability to stay on topic
We are too small a portion of the overall cycling community
Drop in quality - too many flippant, irrelevant responses
Any other reason
Total votes: 85

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Re: Why are the Forums slowing down?

Postby GreenAlias » Thu 02 Jul 2020, 12:39 pm

Matt1 wrote:
jvb wrote: ...snip

It used to be fun. A lot of activity, banter, arguments and even group rides. Not to mention tips and advice on repairs, purchases, etc.
I'm not sure where people go now. Maybe Facebook groups, although I haven't found one like this.
And not being smartphone compatible doesn't help. I spend most days on my PC, so still frequent forums on the big screen(s).

Yes, it was a fun forum. I have found myself reading through some of the old threads for amusement and wondering how many of the former regulars are still riding. Many of the other bulletin board forums have dropped right off, I think the USENET groups have closed completely. I blame the menace of anti-social media, which I no longer frequent thank goodness.

Hi Matt1 - thank for posting the statistics :D

I must confess that it's been a looong time since I last logged on. Nice to see some familiar names. I have yet to see anything on social media that is as informative & interesting as the Forums.

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Re: Why are the Forums slowing down?

Postby hamishm » Tue 22 Sep 2020, 11:44 am

OK I haven't logged in here in months so I'm part of the problem... I see that the Plan a Ride forum hasn't had a post in over a year. Sign of the times and particularly the year I guess. (No Donna snow ride this year :(). I hang out on the bicycles.net.au forum a bit more now but it still doesn't feel like I know anyone.

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