Level Crossing Removal Coburg - Bell St to Moreland Rd

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Level Crossing Removal Coburg - Bell St to Moreland Rd

Postby Takver » Sun 07 Jul 2019, 10:43 pm

4 level crossings will be removed in one project in Coburg and Brunswick: Bell Street, Munro Street, Reynard Street and Moreland Road with one stretch of elevated rail. The arterial cycling route - Upfield Bike path - will be upgraded in the process, but to what extent, and whether the changes will compensate for the 'Upfield wave', or reduce pedestrian cycling conflict around the Moreland Road and Bell Street crossings and station precincts is unknown.

As co-ordinator of the Extend the Upfield Bike Path to Upfield campaign we have been strongly advocating for dedicated separated ground level paths for cycling and walking and a 2km elevated veloway attached to the rail viaduct to cater for the commuter cyclists.

As I could find no data on active transport peak hour movements at the Bell Street Crossing I did my own count between 7am to 9 am on Tuesday 11 June.
The data from both my winter count on Bell Street and the summer count at Moreland Road revealed over 800 active transport movements in a 2 hour morning peak period at both these road crossings. The data is contained in an appendix in the submission made June 2019.

I have made independant trips to Mernda and to Caufield-Dandenong line to see the bike paths were implemented with elevated rail. I also participated with about 20 local residents on a coach trip to Carnegie to inspect the bike path and stations.

The big difference between Mernda, CD9 and Upfield is the arterial nature and high commuter use of the Upfield bike path in Coburg, which means far more thought and design needs to go into addressing pedestrian cycling conflict around major road crossings (congestion points), and station precincts. This is particularly the case at Coburg with substantial north-south pedestrian and cyclists movement along with substantial west to east pedestrian movement, as found in my count data. The problem is likely to be even worse during summer months when higher cycling numbers are likely.

LXRA had an Initial consultation in July 2018. Our initial submission in July 2018
https://upfieldbikepath.wordpress.com/2 ... ll-street/

Climate Action Moreland submission also supported elevated veloway:
https://climateactionmoreland.org/2018/ ... nge-prism/

Putting the case forward for an elevated veloway in April 2019
Why LXRA should include elevated cycling veloway at Coburg level crossing removal
https://upfieldbikepath.wordpress.com/2 ... g-removal/

The Premier presents westgate tunnel veloway animation. Makes an excellent case why We need a Coburg veloway as part of level crossing removal – Westgate Tunnel Veloway animation
https://upfieldbikepath.wordpress.com/2 ... animation/

Our Submission on Open Space Community Feedback in June 2019
Submission: Cycling infrastructure for Coburg level Crossing Removal Open space Feedback
(This includes an appendix on cycling and pedestrian counts at Moreland Road and Bell Street crossings)
https://upfieldbikepath.wordpress.com/2 ... -feedback/

There has been substantial community criticism of LXRP consultation processes and a community group came together on May 25 in a facilitated workshop and drew up a detailed 13 page community vision for level crossing removal in Coburg. This group is called the Upfield Corridor Coalition.
https://upfieldbikepath.files.wordpress ... vision.pdf

Initial artist impressions of station designs were released even before the second consultation period was concluded in a stunt event at Coburg Station on 12 June.
https://upfieldbikepath.wordpress.com/2 ... g-removal/

An important issue that also needs to be addressed as part of level crossing removal in Coburg is provision of a safe for all levels of cyclists detour route while the path is closed for level crossing removal construction for 4-5 months. There is a strong argument that a temporary bi-directional separated dedicated bike path be implemented on Sydney Road from Bell street to Park Street to provide a safe and direct north south cycling route.

There is a Closed group on Facebook, currently with 190 members, focussed on improving cycling infrastructure as part of level Crossing removal and the Upfield Bike Path: LXRA upgrade the Upfield Bike Path

Moreland BUG has also advocated for an elevated veloway and dedicated separated ground level paths as part of this project.

So where is Bicycle network advocacy on improving the Upfield path as part of this project?

John Englart
Sustainable Transport Campaigner.

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Re: Level Crossing Removal Coburg - Bell St to Moreland Rd

Postby Takver » Wed 10 Jul 2019, 11:29 am

There is a Town Hall meeting scheduled to discuss this level crossing removal at Coburg Town Hall on Sunday 28 July, 2019 2pm-4pm
Upgrading the Upfield path is seen by the community as an important component.
https://upfieldcorridorcoalition.org/20 ... or-coburg/

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Re: Level Crossing Removal Coburg - Bell St to Moreland Rd

Postby Heather » Wed 29 Jan 2020, 10:04 am

Information on the Upfield bike path closure:
A section of the Upfield Bike Path, between O’Hea Street in Coburg and Albion Street in Brunswick, will be closed from Thursday 6 February 2020 until mid 2021.

Apologies if there was another thread.

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Re: Level Crossing Removal Coburg - Bell St to Moreland Rd

Postby Canuck » Wed 29 Jan 2020, 11:31 am

Thanks for sharing, H. It's one of my options heading to the zoo with the Boy, so will be avoiding that...

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