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by jvb
Mon 13 Nov 2006, 3:59 pm
Forum: Great Victorian Bike Ride discussion
Topic: Compilation of my gear loadout for the GVBR - add/ask
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I've got most of my gear sorted, but it doesn't fit in my duffle bag. Total weight is not a problem, everything is just too bulky. Anyone know where you can buy a huge duffle bag (like 1m long!)?
It does fit into a suitcase, a soft case on wheels. Is it a problem to take one of these?
by jvb
Fri 10 Nov 2006, 10:25 pm
Forum: Cycling discussion
Topic: Helmets
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Don't turn this in to a helmet thread. Been there, done that, millions of Dutch can't be wrong ;-) Couldn't agree more. Our family spent 5 weeks in Holland in June/July this year and with our kids (10 and 6) we rode our bikes everywhere. Without wearing helmets. But then it is safe to ride a bike i...
by jvb
Fri 10 Nov 2006, 8:53 pm
Forum: Great Victorian Bike Ride discussion
Topic: Days to go
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This is my first GVBR and as many I am also counting down the days. I haven't done any real long rides, around 70km. But over Cup Day weekend I did do the Towonga Gap and rode the climb from Whitfield to Tolmie, just to make sure. I am more worried about the camping than the riding. Not really a ten...

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